Secret for Dazzling Shiny Hair

Hair is the most important part of your appearance. Every single person love to have shiny healthy hair and it is also said that Dazzling shiny hair is a reflection of healthy hair. Therefore following are some simple ways that can help you to have shiny hair. 

Cold Water

Coldwater is beneficial to seal the hair cuticle. It doesn’t mean that you should not bath with warm water. You can indeed enjoy your warm bath but, just pour a mug of cold water on your hair after the bath to make them shiny.


Choosing the right shampoo is very much important for healthy hair. Avoid using chemical shampoo and hair direr as it makes your hair dry.   Therefore it is necessary to identify the problem and then counteract a suitable specialized shampoo.

Balanced Diet

We should watch what we are eating. Therefore for healthy and Dazzling shiny hair intake of Vitamin E is very much important. You should involve food like nuts, olives, spinach, asparagus, green leafy vegetables, and avocado in your diet. As all these foods are enriched in Vitamin E and it can be a part of regular healthy diet.

Hair Brushing

Proper brushing is the easiest way to add shine to the hairs, the reasons behind this is while brushing your scalp release natural oils that help in adding shine to your hair. But for that, you must choose a boar bristled hairbrush as it helps to spread the oil from root to tip and also helps to removes unwanted dead hair.


Apple cider vinegar is the best home remedy for shiny hairs. For that you just have to spray vinegar on wet hair after that leave it for few minutes and then rinse it off.

Eggs over Olive Oil:
Eggs and olive oil is also beneficial for healthy and shiny hairs.  As eggs contains eleven essential nutrients and protein and when it combines with olive oil it become a powerful remedy for shiny hairs.

There by following these tips you can easily make your hairs healthy and shiny.