Acne facts and myths:

Acne facts is something that troubles almost everyone. It starts from the age of puberty and can affect a person until late into their adult life.
Here are some facts about Acne:

1) Pimples occur due to overproduction of oil in your skin that combines with dead skin and blocks the pores and hair follicles turning into pimples.

2) Heredity and hormones are prime factors that increase the risk of getting pimples but the environment, proper diet, lifestyle habits and hygiene can make a difference.

3) Staying hydrated can help you get better skin.

4) A healthy change in lifestyle can lessen your skin problems.

5) there are different kinds of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, small breakouts and the big painful pimples, in case you have painful outbreaks you should immediately connect with your dermatologist and seek treatment.

Here are some myths that should be busted:

1) Junk food causes acne: Yes some food substances can have certain effects on people’s skin but everyone’s skin is different and have a proper diet is always a good idea, but to blame it in the fries is not.

2) Wearing makeup will cause pimples: Rather than completely avoiding makeup you can opt for wear oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it does not clog up the pores and the skin can breathe and thus no more pimples.

3) Sun helps clear acne: This is not true, as the sun only dries your skin thus it produces more oil, which only increases pimples. always wear sunscreen when going out and especially, one that doesn’t block your pores.

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