A number of factors can cause of acne, not just in teenagers(puberty changes) but also in adults.

1) Hereditary: Many skin problems can be hereditary and passed down from generations, it can be painful and uncomfortable for many people.

2) Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal activity can change the secretion of oil in the skin causing more acne. This can happen due to some medications.

3) Environment: exposure to dirt, pollution, and dust can trigger acne. excessive sun exposure to the skin will increase in the secretion of oil, attracting dust particles on the skin causing more blemishes.

4) Lifestyle: What you eat directly affects your skin, consumption of unhealthy food can add to existing problems of acne. Regular exercise can help you get that healthy glowing skin.

5) Excessive face wash: if you constantly wash your face, it’ll remove all of the oil from your face and your skin will produce more oil, again and again, causing more pimples.

These are some causes of acne, you can avoid many of these practices in your daily routine to avoid it.

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