There are many ways in which you can prevent acne and get that healthy skin.

1) Healthy lifestyle: When it comes to skincare, one should always take a first look at their lifestyle, from the food you consume to your sleep cycle will have a great impact on your skin, for prevent acne.

2) Regular exercise: The afterglow of a good workout is proof, exercise will not only help your body stay fit and running but will also enhance the quality of your skin.

3) Vitamin C rich diet: Vitamins through direct sources like fruits should be consumed in larger quantities than opting for vitamin tablets. Fruits like, kiwi, oranges, lemons, and guava are a great source of vitamin C.

4) Stay hydrated: Do not forget to keep a bottle of water by your table, reminding you to stay hydrated, it’ll help the body regulate its fluids and keep the body temperature in check, especially with the summer here, drink a glass of water as you read this.

5) Use sunscreen: The most damage done to the skin is due to excessive exposure under the sun. Avoid direct contact with the sun in peak hours, if you do then use a sunscreen reapplying it every 2-3 hours.

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