In this day and age, we do not have enough time to go back to old methods of hair care but these steps can help reduce hair fall.

1) Regular Wash: Wash your hair thoroughly with mild shampoo on a regular basis cleaning your scalp.
2) Balanced diet: Eat protein and vitamin-rich diet to ensure your body gets all it needs to cope up with hair fall.
3) Stress-free life: Exercise regularly to make sure your body is getting enough movement, you will feel your problems melting away after taking a long walk or early morning yoga.
4) Do not brush wet hair: Brushing wet hair can increase hair fall, it’ll be beneficial if you avoid it completely.
5) Reduce the use of hairdryers: use of excessive heat on the hair can damage your hair quality and increase in hair fall.
6) Massage your scalp: Use coconut or essential oils to massage your scalp every few days.
7) Switch to sulphate free shampoo: Use milder shampoos, with less chemical content.
8) you can consult your doctor for vitamins supplements that can provide the required vitamins to the body to help reduce hair fall.

Take a few steps to improve your hair care and you’ll see the immediate results.

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