Laser Hair Removal: – When it comes to removing hair from the body there are a number of options available, you can wax, shave, use hair removal creams and painfully thread your body hair.

But these are repetitive and tiresome procedures, to be repeated every 4-5 days as hair grows back really quickly.

It is faster but time-consuming to shave when compared to waxing.

Another option is laser hair removal, in this process, the hair follicles are damaged at the root using the laser light, by damaging the hair follicle the hair stops growing altogether. This procedure is mostly permanent in patients, it is a painful process in the start but as more hair follicles get damaged the process gradually becomes less painful.

This process will take up to 4-6 sessions of laser treatment on the skin to complete work on all the ingrown hair.

While the visibly hair-free body maybe a treat for many, others may look at the cons, as it is an expensive process.

Laser hair removal can provide you with a lot of relief from the regular hassle of shaving and waxing.

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