PRP Therapy is Platelet-rich plasma therapy a simple 3 step procedure, where the Platelets from the blood of the person will be extracted and reinjected on the scalp, which helps reduce hair fall and reinitialize the hair growth process.

In the process of PRP Therapy, the blood of the person is drawn out and processed to separate the Red blood cells, and White blood cells from the plasma. later the platelets are extracted and injected into the parts of the scalp that are in need of regrowth of hair.

These PRP injections trigger a natural process of hair growth on the scalp, increasing the number of hair follicles and further increasing the number of hair on the head. Due to the increased blood flow in the scalp region, it is healed faster. These hair follicles are healthy and new, which makes them less prone to breakage and helps reduce hair fall.

Thus increasing the chances of regaining the former glory of thick glossy hair.

Many studies have shown PRP as a good alternative to hair transplants, and it has been effective in many cases, and studies have shown them popular since the 1980s, but the ideal hair type for PRP is still unknown.

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