What is the best time for a hair transplant?

hair transplant : – If you are loosing hair, some of the major reasons could be stress and an imbalanced diet insufficient to optimize your dietary requirement.
Making positive changes to your lifestyle will reduce your hair fall and restart the healthy growth in your hair.

If your loss of hair has become serious and more permanent, you can look into other options to regrow your hair.

While home remedies will work in the basic hair loss, but you should consult your doctor for a greater understanding of your hair needs.

Hair transplant works in the case of light baldness and, to help cover up the bald spots on the scalp.

Hair transplants work well only when the hair loss has occurred naturally, or due to an injury.

Widespread hair loss or thinness, hair loss due to chemotherapy or any other medication cannot be cured by hair transplants.

The hair grafts are taken from the healthy hair of the scalp and other parts of the body, these are then transplanted into the scalp, follicles of hair grow in giving very natural hair to the person.

This process has been simplified with the use of latest technology.

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