Beauty Trends that are Extremely Dangerous to Health

It’s no mystery nowadays that our culture places a high emphasis on appearance. There’s nothing wrong with seeking to stare at lovely things. But, now and again, we humans go a little too far. Society’s notion of attractiveness has shifted dramatically in recent years. Have you considered the hazards involved with our cosmetic regimens with all the work it takes to be the best attractive person you could become?

Several dubious tendencies are circulating nowadays. Then again, who desires to use “lip plumpers” that hurt and color their lips red? It’s a successful item for a purpose. People will go to great lengths to be attractive.

Elegance isn’t everything it’s made up to be, particularly when it might lead to death. Across history, certain people purposefully injured their physique in an attempt to appear attractive! Doesn’t that seem a touch excessive? Take a glance at some harmful beauty trends that folks are using. 

Lip Pulpers:

Not decades back, there was a craze that urged people to employ vacuums to increase the size of their lips. Several individuals overdid the craze, causing their lips to flush and crack wide. This was not fatal, but it might readily increase the risk of infection. Needless to say, this may have been exceedingly traumatic and permanently damaging.
Topical lip plumpers act by trapping humidity on the epidermis, causing localized inflammation. This makes the lips look bigger and softer.

Mole Removal at home:

If anything has peaked your eyebrows, know for a fact that witnessing anybody been through mole removal at home is enough to give you shivers all across. Utilizing horse tresses, eggplant essential oils, and even toothpaste, those seeking to eliminate moles have only gotten themselves into greater problems. It is important to visit the great dermatologist around for effective mole elimination.


You’ve probably heard about slugging, a fad that has emerged as a Korean beauty program. Slugging is the application of applications of petroleum jelly-based substances to your face while going to bed to guarantee little water loss from the epidermis. Although petroleum jelly is great for dryness, it may wreak havoc on oily skin, causing swollen pores and puffiness surrounding them. We strongly advise you to seek the advice of a skin specialist doctor for product recommendations for your skin, rather than experimenting on your own.

Other Homemade Skin Remedies:

In the middle of lockdown, social media clips have convinced us of the effectiveness of homemade cures. Unfortunately, if one is not aware of the harmful impact and responses that this DIY may cause on the epidermis, things might go wrong. For instance, using coffee beans as a skin scrub is hard on the epidermis, particularly if it is delicate, and this should be considered before using such household treatments.


Don’t endanger your health for the sake of beauty. Accept yourself and your attractiveness without comparing them to fake ideals. Most essential, do not be reluctant to seek medical attention from a dermatologist around you.

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