Dermaplaning Vs Facial Shaving: Which Is Best for Your Face?

Are you suffering from unwanted facial hair? Well, you’re not the only one fighting the issue. Rather it’s quite normal for many women across the globe. Neither is it considered unnatural to shave facial hair by women these days unlike before. Looking up to the epitome of beauty have also followed such practices for lending elegance to their looks. Now the question is how? You can follow 2 alternatives- facial shaving or dermaplaning based on your exact needs and suitability. The article henceforth will discuss the ideal choice for your skin backed by sustainable benefits. Let’s get started hereby!

Benefits of Facial Shaving

If you’ve hair on your upper lips or peach fuzz across your chin, dermaplaning or facial shaving can simply perfect your appearance. While many women think that hair removal would give back to thicker and darker hair, it’s just a myth. Rather the texture and the growth rate remain the same in the regrowth of hair after some time. On the other hand, both the solutions account for a smoother complexion that boosts skin cell turnover with increased exfoliation. However, dermaplaning offers a deeper exfoliation comparatively!

Dermaplaning Vs Facial Shaving: What is the Difference Between the Two?

The most common facial hair removal methods are dermaplaning and facial shaving. Both the treatments are quite different from each other in terms of their procedures. Dermaplaning helps to exfoliate the epidermis and eliminate peach fuzz with a sharp surgical blade. Its generally performed by expert estheticians. The experts dock the dead skin cells at the surface to make for a smoother, hairless, and more glowing complexion.
Either way, facial shaving involves hair removal with a blade as a homely treatment.

Dermaplaning Vs Facial Shaving: Which Works Better for You?

To decide on the best solution for your skin, it’s important to understand the specific needs beforehand. For those with excessive hair, dermaplaning treatment would be more beneficial than facial shaving at home. The therapy eliminates dirt and oil residues from the hair follicles which happens with imprudent hair growth. While the effects might go unnoticed initially, it leaves a gradual transformative impact in the long term. Here go a list of perks of dermaplaning:

• It softens rough skin texture
• Enhances overall skin tone
• Augments outermost hyperpigmentation
• Fades away mild scars
• Cushions fine lines and wrinkles

On the contrary, facial shaving can be a good option to do away with hair on the upper lips or peach fuzz. Note that this process might cause burns and leave ingrown hair deep inside the roots.

Now it’s up to you, which one to be opted for!

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