Do You Need to Apply Sunscreen Indoors? A Dermatologist Answers

Staying indoors doesn’t guarantee full protection to your skin. According to dermatologists and skincare experts, it is proven that sun rays are capable to penetrate through your windows. Also the increased time in staying home for work from home sessions, people tend to spend more time in front of the electronic that release the blue lights. Exposure to blue light may cause skin damage and can trigger skin cancer. These days applying sunscreen outside and inside has been made mandatory by dermatologists to prevent the increasing skin diseases among the young generation.

Why Do You Need to Apply Sunscreen Indoors?

Applying sunscreen indoors can prevent premature skin aging and pigmentation problems. Almost all of us are staying at home for the new normal of the online classrooms and working from home. You might wonder how does the skin gets affected by the sun’s rays while you are inside. It is true that some of the home windows and car windows protect you from the UVB rays but not at all from the UVA rays. The UVA rays are the main reason for the cause of skin cancer, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, premature skin aging, roughness, dehydration. Applying sunscreen can prevent your skin from unnecessary damages from your unknown enemy.

Although some people believe that wearing make-up is enough to protect their skin from the sun when they are stepping outside. Nowadays most of the make-up contains sunscreen, but to be honest, you can’t solely depend on the make-up from the dangerous UV rays. You must apply a double coat of sunscreen before stepping out of your home to save your natural glow.

How to Apply Sunscreen Indoors?

There are three types of sunscreen. One is powder, another is cream, and lastly and very recently emerged product, the pills. You can use either of them depending on your activity and comfort. The cream is the best type to use when it comes to protecting your skin from the blue lights and UV rays. And are best for dry skin. Pills are used not only to protect your face, hands, and neck but also to protect your skin which is mostly covered. Pills are used by athletes and swimmers.

Apply sunscreen with double coat thirty minutes before stepping out. And the same way apply sunscreen twice a day when you are indoors. One before bath and after bath.

When to Use Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is for everyday and everywhere use. Some people have misconceptions like sunscreen is only for sunny days. No, the UV rays are proven to penetrate through the clouds, rain, cold weather, car, and home windows. Yes, UV rays are that dangerous, hence it is very important to wear your sunscreen wherever you are.

Which Sunscreen to Use?

This might be one of the good questions to ask your skincare experts. There are typically two types of sunscreen one physical and another chemical.

The active ingredient of the physical sunscreen is zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide. This sits on top of the skin coating the pores and acting as a physical barrier. Best for acne-prone skin and oily skin.

On the other hand, chemical sunscreen gets absorbed into the skin and may get involved with the bloodstream. Chemical sunscreens are more dangerous when it comes to health and you can always choose the best one for yourselves. You might ask your skincare experts on choosing good sunscreen if you have any skin disease history before.

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