What Causes Stretch Marks? Here Are Some Tips to Prevent It

A stretch mark appears when the skin stretches or sags fast causing the collagen and elastin to break apart. After recovery, the skin gives away stretch marks. However, unstable hormone levels are one factor behind the occurrence of such scars. Also, a family history of having stretch marks increases the likelihood for an individual to get. Ideally, it shows up in certain phases like puberty, pregnancy, during quick weight loss or gain, and fast muscle growth due to weight training sessions. Meanwhile, the application of corticosteroids for a prolonged period can also result in stretch marks. On the other hand, those suffering from Cushing or Marfan disorder can trigger stretch marks.

Initially, the stretch marks are dark brown, pink, red, reddish brown, or purple based on one’s skin color. It can itch in the early phase being slightly raised from the skin.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

Although stretch marks are permanent, treatment can fade away the scars and reduce their itchiness over time. It’s important to treat its occurrence in the initial period. However, OTT products that promise to cure stretch marks must be applied with a doctor’s permission during pregnancy or for a breastfeeding mother, since they might contain retinol that can harm the baby.

Note that tanning doesn’t help do away with stretch marks. Rather it makes them more noticeable.


Two elements namely tretinoin and hyaluronic acid can address the concern.

Derma Procedures:

Skin specialists rely on a couple of methods to reduce the appearance of stretch marks which are laser therapy, chemical peel, radiofrequency, microdermabrasion, and ultrasound. These sessions might have side effects which can be temporary if the professional stands certified to execute such treatments. Post such procedures, redness, and swelling are quite common factors.

A dermatologist can educate about the right treatment option depending on health, age, and the period of having stretch marks.

Are you suffering from stretch marks? Use these tips to get relief from the pain!

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