Why Do Some Teenagers Suffer More Acne Than Others?

Acne discrimination is perfectly frustrating and reasonably questionable. It is so frustrating to see some of our friends having clear skin and perfectly fine skin health and us suffering from the chronic acne problem. Do they have some secret skincare routine or are they naturally gifted with glowing clear skin? No, neither of them. Although it can be really hard to accept the fact that some people do not suffer and some suffer because of their hormones reacting differently. So the question is to understand the fact that how this different hormones reaction happens and how to solve it? Let us find out some facts and figures for better understanding.

Acne Problems in Teenagers

Acne problems in teenagers are common and are natural to occur during their puberty. Puberty brings many hormonal changes in the body in both males and females. The male suffers more acne issues than females. And females suffer acne specifically during their menstrual cycle.

Some teenagers suffer more acne than others because of some of the following reasons that are:

● They produce more male hormones like testosterone
● Not having a proper skincare routine
● Having an unhealthy diet
● Acne history in the family
● Not having any physical exercise
● Vitamins and mineral deficiency
● Irregular periods
● Thyroid
● Depression
● Anxiety

If you fall under any of these categories then it is better to go for a good skincare routine, you can drink plenty of water to release the toxins and transform your diet into a healthy one. A baby step can save you from having acne-prone skin.

Causes of Acne in Teenagers

We have already discussed some of the key factors of why some people have more acne than others but there is more to it. There are definitely people who haven’t fallen into any of the above-discussed issues. As causes of acne can’t be generalized and have different issues related to it.

Acne is caused typically by male hormones in the body, and the release of excessive testosterone can become a fatal reason for increasing acne on your face and shoulder. The testosterone generally encourages the oil production that gets blocked by the hair follicles and hence causing acne.

Acne is also connected to external factors like dust, dirt, and pollution. This dirt when stuck to the hair follicles can become another reason for increasing acne on the skin. Although even if the acne is temporary and can occur only during the menstrual period, the dirt and pollution may make the acne problem chronic. And someone can easily expect them to stay longer.

So to reduce acne problems one must follow a healthy diet and a good sleep routine. You must find out what skin type you have. Mostly the acne problem is common in people with oily skin as it resonates with the increase in sebum.

If your healthy diet and a proper skincare routine are not helping you, and the acne is making your life harder then you must seek professional help.


Acne problems in teenagers are common and nothing to panic about. Sometimes some teenagers suffer more acne than others, but one should know it is a natural biological process that occurs during puberty and gets stable by the time it goes. If it doesn’t improve till the age of 20 then you might be suffering from different problems. We recommend you consult your dermatologist.

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