Why Does Baldness Occur in Men? Is It Curable?

Are you becoming more concerned with your increase in visible hairline? Then you might not be the one to have this stress. There are more than 90% of men worldwide are suffering the same problem of baldness. Men are more prone to baldness in women. The hair loss problem in men is unbiased regarding age. If you are in the mid-20s of your life and suffering from severe loss it is normal. There is no definite reason for hair loss in men but to solve your query and find your solution we must know the reason for it. Let us dig into why does baldness occurs in men?

Family history: Genetic Issue

If you have a hair loss problem or bald spot at an early age, then it is most likely to happen that your family has this history of hair loss. And it might have passed into your genes. Genetic disorders are the ones that can’t be prevented but of course, is treatable.

These genetic hair losses can be also be called alopecia. It has tended to pass through the genes among the family members and can start at the very tender age of 17.

Most of the men suffer the same pattern of hair loss. The reason for the same pattern of baldness in men is still not known to the doctors, that what triggers the follicles to react in such ways.

Low Immune Power

Low immune power can trigger your hair follicles to lose hair in various places of your body. If you have any untreated medical issues, it can cause your body to lose hair. Excessive substance use may lead to hair follicles losing hair or making your hair thin causing a visible hairline.

Your hair might grow again as your immune recovers from any kind of health issues and can start falling over again.

Other Medical Issues

Do you have some kind of health problem? Health problems can trigger the hormonal balance in your body and weaken your immune system and cause your hair to fall. Various medicines taken to cure certain health problems may cause baldness. Some health issues that can cause your hair loss is Thyroid, Cancer, low metabolic system, low immune power, anxiety disorder, depression, heart diseases Consult your doctors regarding this for the further prevention of your hair thinning problems.

Medicines Causing Hair Loss

Chemotherapy, radiation to cure cancer cause severe and long-term baldness. To prevent hair loss one can use a cold hair cap during taking radiation and chemotherapies. Discuss with your doctor for further steps. Some medicines for curing anxiety disorder and depression have side effects causing hair loss. To prevent such issues, talk to your doctor to change the medicines if possible.

Hair loss problems can be cured through dermatological procedures and various hair treatments. It depends on the severity of your hair loss condition. Consult skin care specialist for more guidance.

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