Common Myths about Hair Transplant and the Real Facts

Common Myths about Hair Transplant and the Real Facts

Body hair can also be used to supplement scalp tresses, but this is not common and is only done in exceptional cases. But the clinics do not suggest using body hair to wrap a bald hairline on a regular basis. There are several explanations for this, including the fact that body hair doesn’t really fit head hair, the rate of increase of body hair implants would be less than 50%, and they end up causing more abscess and blemish forming.

Hair roots, which are abundant on the bottom and sides of your head, are the only follicles that are ordinarily implanted all through clinical hair transplant practices. Some of these are eliminated and re-implanted into the receding areas of your hairline and the upper end of your scalp throughout your hair restoration process.

  • The Most Reliable Tactic Is Laser Hair Treatment option

Lasers were shortly used to aid in the creation of beneficiary locations in the early 2000s, and they were also soon discarded for causing too much impact on natural tissue and induced the implanted strands to develop badly if any. These laser beams are not to be befuddled with Low Light Laser Therapy equipment, which is now available in the form of braids, combs, and beanies. Amidst heavy advertising, these devices have little or no clinical utility and should not be used.

  • Hair Corrective Surgery Has a Deleterious Effect on the Brain

The hair regrowth solutions are only done on the surface. This type of procedure only includes the epidermis of your scalp and will not go near the ground. The operation doesn’t come into contact with any area of the brain and thus does not affect it.

  • Hair Transplant Is Not really a Low-Cost Baldness Treatment

A few factors, including the multitude of grafts required, impact the cost of a hair transplant. The valuations at most health centers are generally low in comparison to other cosmetic therapies.

  • Hair transplantation creates an unnatural appearance.

Hair transplants carried out under the supervision of a skilled practitioner produce 100% results since a qualified specialist thoroughly examines the follicular stance and tresses slope. Based on this, the transplant is conducted in such a manner that it appears completely natural. After the surgical procedure, you can even trim, rinse, and comb your hair as you wish.


Thus, Hair Transplant is a highly effective Hair Restoration process that utilizes a great outcome. The only point to note is to always do some research before entering any treatment center and to choose an expert physician because only they can provide the best output.


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