Dermatologically Proven Tips to Remove Dark Circles Permanently

Dark circles are natural and can happen at any phase of your life. The problems of dark circles in the younger generation have been poking the skin care specialist in the current years. Dark circles often occur due to stress, anxiety, work pressure load, and aging. We tend to neglect our skin, causing it damage and pigmentation over the years of our lifetime.

Skincare experts are concerned about the youth using various remedies on getting rid of dark circles. But according to the doctors, it is necessary to use remedies as per the skin type and texture. Dark circles are natural and can be removed permanently with the right remedy. It is important to remember to use remedies as per your dermatological references. We have listed all the dermatologically proven tips to remove dark circles permanently in this article.

Tips to Remove Dark Circles Permanently.

The dermatological researchers say, the reason behind the occurrence of dark circles ain’t limited to aging but has several causes. But several other things are responsible like:

● Genetic disorders
● Aging factor
● Excessive Screen Time
● Allergies
● Anemia
● Sleep deprivation / Insomnia / Excessive sleep
● Stress
● Substance abuse
● Inflammatory Diseases
● Eczema
● Excessive sun exposure
● Swollen eyes
● Dehydration

These are the most common factors that have been seen in people who have age-old dark circles under their eyes. Consult your dermatologist if you are having any kind of skin disease-related problems.

Home Treatments

Dark circles are common to all kinds of skin types so here are some selected remedies that can be applied to any skin type according to the skincare experts.

Almond Oils and Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great supplement for your skin can be widely consumed by people who have dull and pale skin. Vitamin E is also referred to people who have excessive sun exposure. To get rid of dark circles mix almond oil (which is naturally a perfect skincare product for any skin type) and Vitamin E. Then apply it to your dark circles. Repeat it daily at night and wash it in the morning. You can witness the results within a week!

Tea Bags

Soak the caffeinated tea bags in warm water and refrigerate them for a few minutes. Place it on your dark circles for 5 minutes. And wash the area with cold water.


Make your salad with the veggies and save some for your skincare routine! You can apply homemade cold compressors with slices of cucumber, tomatoes, papaya. It reduces eye strain, stress and improves visions. Saves money too!

Medical Treatments

Dermal Fillers

The filler treatment involves small fluid injections under the eyes. It creates space between the skin and the blood vessels. The process helps to reduce the dark circles by uplifting the skin. It is done with local anesthesia.

Chemical Peels

The treatment proceeds by applying a chemical solution to the skin that is peeled off after a few minutes. The skin results to be much smoother, and rejuvenated. It is done to repair damaged skin, reduce wrinkles, provide nutrients, and make the skin brighter.


A plastic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, or dermatologic surgeon can surgically remove fat from the lower lids during a lower lid blepharoplasty. The procedure can reduce the shadow cast by your eyelid, reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Bottom Line

Dark circles are nothing but a result of neglected skin damage. Taking a little care of skin can make great changes. Also, It is necessary to reduce your screen time. The work pressure and the no weekends off weeks are not healthy for your overall health. It can cause you several health issues, that might trigger dark circles under your eyes. For the medical treatments please consult your skincare experts.

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