Few Skin Traits That Clues to Underlying Health Conditions.

Skin is one of the vital parts of our body which is considered very sensitive and fragile to external and internal conditions. We can experience more or less all symptoms through our skin, be it a weather change or jaundice. Our skin can tell us if we are suffering illness inside. Some dark spots over our facial features and hands can detect hyper-anxiety or other deteriorating mental conditions. If we notice and follow the skin problems regularly, we can know if they are detecting any serious health conditions or not. In this article, we have discussed some of the skin symptoms that will help you to understand how the skin resonates with our internal health conditions.

What Skin Condition You Can Notice?

Some skin conditions like Itchy skin and acne are common problems in many of us. The reddish acne filled with pus in multiple numbers can be caused by unhealthy treatment towards skin like:

Applying heavy makeup and not wiping it off at night
Not having any skincare routine.
Applying body soap on the face can cause someone itchy skin
Not applying for sunscreen protection.

These habits can cause the skin to become rough, dull, pale, and become prone to acne, acne scars, blemishes, and dark spot.

Sometimes some skin conditions are the reflection of the internal health condition that might be affecting you in various ways. Like sudden dark patches, itchy skin, bluish skin, and blemishes.

How Health Condition Is Reflected on the Skin?

Some skin conditions are mild and get recovered after a few weeks and with some home remedies. But some skin conditions become an issue to many. Like rashes, allergies, and acne problems. The problems in the skin that might lead to us to some severe health conditions are:

Pale or yellow skin. Pale skin is caused by dehydration and often is a reaction to jaundice. Jaundice dehydrates the body and causes the skin to become pale and rough. In that case, one must seek professional help. In some serious conditions, one might get hospitalized.

Rashes and itchy skin conditions can be a part of unknown allergies. Allergies can happen from certain food habits, lifestyles, and pollution. Some chronic allergies can be harmful and lead to lung infections. If your rashes are chronic try to find out the cause and speak to your dermatologist.

Severe health conditions like patches and dark spots, blisters, itchy skin can be a symptom of diabetes. High blood sugar levels can cause your skin to deteriorate and become dark with blemishes.

Have you noticed your thickened or hard skin? These conditions are hugely seen in people who have high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Same skin conditions like itchy skin, rashes, dark spots, roughness, and dullness can be caused because of liver failure.


If your notice any kind of chronic skin condition that can’t be cured through remedies and certain medications for skin, you must seek professional help so that the proper treatment can be processed. Talk to your nearest dermatologist.

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