Skin Problems That Associated with Hormonal Changes

Yes, hormones are the vital chemical in your body that work as a messenger and pass through our bloodstream to different organs and tissues. Different hormones carry some different tasks that promote our body to work accordingly. A few ups and downs and you’ll see acne or some other issues like itchy skin or dark patches on your skin.

How Do Hormones Cause Us Acne?

The rise in male hormones causes pimples in both men and women. The rise in testosterone in men causes them skin problems and hormonal acne. And the rise in androgen and testosterone in the female body gives rise to the production of acne to their skin.

The hormones cause excessive oil production that is sebum secretion into the skin which causes the hair follicles to get blocked and hence it encourages the pimples to occur. Some of these imbalances can cause itchy skin, dark patches, and blemishes too. These can be an effect of untreated pimples or chronic acne problems.

Also, the majority of women experience pimples during their menstrual cycle. During this time, there is a huge fall of female hormones that are oestrogen and a huge rise of male hormones that are androgen. This huge fall of female hormones causes the females to have acne issues. These can start occurring before one week of starting their period cycle.

Does Menopause Cause Serious Skin Problems?

Hormonal imbalance isn’t a nuisance just because of the menstrual cycle but can cause several other problems during the menopause period. Menopause brings a whole new hormonal change into the women’s body which by the time gets steadier. But in the meantime can be a blunder if not taken care of. A good skincare routine, change in diet, and opting for medical help can save women from menopausal hormonal effects on their overall health.

Here now, we are majorly talking about skin. The question that how menopause encourages our hormones to cause us skin problems. That is, during menopause, the ovary stops producing hormones and that is a sudden drop of oestrogen (the female hormone). The key feature of oestrogen is to produce collagen in our skin. This collagen is responsible for the natural production of skin oil but without the involvement of male hormones testosterone. This stopping of natural oil production causes the females to suffer from dry, dull, rough, and itchy skin. It can last for years but can be balanced by the time the body gets stable with the menopausal effect.

The menopausal effects and imbalance in hormones can be treated with HRTs (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Although not all women are allowed to take HRTs as it can do severe harm to their other health conditions like if women have a history of breast cancer or smoke too often. You must seek professional guidance for the HRTs procedure.

But other than that, a little change in diet, like having a nutritious healthy diet and a change in skincare routine can help women to fight the skin problems that come during the menopausal period.

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